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Toy Story 4

By July 4, 2019Film Club

Release date: 21st June 2019.

I’ve never seen a Toy Story film at the cinema before, just watched the films at home on the TV at Christmas. It’s so much better watching on the big screen. The graphics get even better along with the comedic action.

A true love story, this is a Toy Story for grownups but the little ones will enjoy too. Be prepared to laugh out loud, enjoy the action and have a little tear at the end. It has a bunch of new toy characters that are as funny as the original gang. Look out for a rabbit and a duck at the fair, scene steeling buddies, they really made me laugh out loud.

Bonnie is off to kindergarten and makes a new toy (or is it a fork??) The family then go on a road trip with all the toys including Forkie and the fun begins. As usually happens some of the toys get separated but do they get back together before the film ends? You will have to watch to find out…

My husband and I really enjoyed the film. Some of the new toy characters are very funny and we enjoyed as much as the first three films. Each Toy Story has been better than the previous one and I didn’t think they could top Toy Story 3 but I really think they have!

Rated: 5/5

Reviewed by: Sam Want