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The Secret Life of Pets 2

By June 4, 2019Film Club

Release date: 24th May 2019

In this sequel Max the lovable jack Russell gets a wake up call when his owner gives birth to a son, Max finds himself newly alert to the dangers of the world in an attempt to protect her s young owner.

On a family holiday at a farm, he befriends a  sheepdog who teaches him to trust his animal instincts and confront some fears. Meanwhile Back home in New York City, an overweight tabby ‘Chloe’ teaches a ponytailed Pomeranian ‘Gidgit’ how to disguise herself as a cat.

As a family this was probably the funniest scene of the movie which didn’t seem to relate in any sense to other scenes taking place elsewhere.

In another scene involving a white tiger, a runaway train and a standoff with an evil circus ringmaster, Snowball a pet rabbit tries to save the day by rescuing the tiger from the circus. Tiger ends up befriending  Gidjit and the local cat mad old lady which in some sense brought the film together but for us the storyline was not made believable and the comedy was sadly lacking.

My children enjoyed the film due to the domestic pets being brought to life but unfortunately as a sequel we thought the storyline was weak and confused. No match for the first film.

Rated: 3/5 stars

Reviewed by: Cindy Cash