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Robin Hood

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Release Date: 21st November 2018

Highly recommended film, we loved it.

The story is pretty consistent all the way through, with some relevance to the true legend of Robin Hood, but an added twist on the reasons for the crusades.  The setting was very good however costume was a little bizarre, medieval with a modern twist in places.

All the characters were believable and Jamie Fox made a fabulous side-kick, following in the vein of Morgan Freeman to Kevin Costner’s Robin.  I Loved Taron Egerton as the lead, still very kingsman-esk but in my opinion a fine Lord Robin of Loxley.

The age classification was pretty spot on, for modern films, although lots of moderate violence, very little blood, and not too much swearing as I recall.

This movie was a good watch, great on the big screen, will do equally well on television too.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.


Reviewed by: Emma Morris

Rated: 5/5 Stars

Nativity Rocks!

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Release Date: 23rd November 2018

The film is based on a poor, unloved Coventry in desperate need to prove itself as the ‘Christmas town of the year’ in a major national rock-opera competition. Just in time, in walks the guy to help the kiddies secure the prize, the supremely-irritating Jerry Poppy.

He announces that he is the brother of a character who featured in the previous Nativity films… the point at which you will probably realise that you can remember absolutely nothing about any of them.

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Release Date: 9th November 2018

The original 2000 version of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” is one of my favourite films.  I’ll watch it all year round!  So how does the 2018 version compare to such a highly rated classic?

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Release Date: 3rd October 2018

Investigative journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) has his life turned upside down when he is bonded with an alien symbiote known as Venom. As shady scientist Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) threatens all life on earth, Brock must unleash the powers of Venom to save the world.

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