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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (18)

By August 20, 2019Film Club

Release Date : 14th August 2019

I was so excited to see this movie, and was not disappointed! This is such an unusual film. It doesn’t really have a storyline per se, it is more like a “day in the life of a fading Hollywood TV actor”, and it was absolutely fascinating to watch.

The acting, cinematography and production values for capturing the late 60s (and really … dawn of the 70’s) were about as good as you’ll ever see. It’s just art. Tarantino’s love of music really shines here also, with some great choice tunes from the era.

That said, it is a little male-biased by modern standards, but it’s capturing the mentality of a different time period. DiCaprio and Pitt play two wildly different characters that you just want to keep watching to see they do next. They will quite possibly win Oscars for their performances — and Tarantino will no doubt be up for best director, best original screenplay and best film.

If you enjoy Tarantino’s moviemaking style – the dialog, the visuals, the period details and, yes … the violence … this is a must see. It’s almost 3 hours long but I would have gladly stayed longer, it didn’t feel as long as it was!


5/5 Stars!


Review by Annabel Green