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Maleficent : Mistress of Evil (PG)

By October 22, 2019Film Club

Release Date: 18th October 2019

Review 5/5 Stars

I went to see Maleficent Mistress of Evil on Monday, I wasn’t looking forward to it but I was shocked and surprised to see such a brilliantly made film. What a treat! The film was exiting, happy, sad, and in some places scary. I really would have been happy if it had been twice the length. I did consider paying to watch it again but I had another appointment and wasn’t able to spare the time!

The plot was expected but it felt brand new, every twist and turn had me enthralled.

The animation and all the woodland scenes where magical and the special effects are as good as any other Films I have seen, amazing.

Maleficent was played with believable intensity and warmth by Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer played a cold and heartless Queen who was the mother of the love interest Prince Philip, it was great to see Robert Lindsay playing her kind hearted and warm king and when Maleficent became her old dark self. she was magnificent.

It featured battle, love, and surprising scenes with amazing and beautiful animation intertwined.

I will definitely go to see the film again and spread the word, I am not sure if I will take my children to see it they might be unsettled by the dark parts of the film. I am very, very happy to give 5 STARS.

Review by Michelle Nicholls