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Last Christmas (12A)

By November 19, 2019Film Club

Release Date: 18th November 2019

4.5 /5

Kate and Tom meet by chance outside the Christmas shop where Kate, dressed in an elf costume is working. Kate at this point in her life is not in the best place sofa surfing and drinking alone in pubs, just generally in a mess and she tells Tom that she is recovering from a near-death experience and hasn’t been herself since it happened. Tom, by comparison is light-hearted, silly and mysterious with quirks such as spinning around and skipping down the street and he helps Kate become more aware of things around her to “have a little faith” cue George Michael tunes. They fall in love but it can be all a little bit predictable as yes they grow together. However saying that I found the film easy to watch and it’s probably a bit better than your average b- film holiday rom-com , and it does have a twist (that admittedly can be seen from a mile away!). The performances are lovely and I came out feeling that I’d watched a good film . Worth a watch

Review by J. Bowles