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Joker (15)

By October 9, 2019Film Club

Release Date: 4th October 2019

5/5 Stars

We may have seen our fair share of attempts at DC  trying to steal the comic book movie limelight away from Marvel (and fail) and whilst no one asked for a Joker origin story this is definitely a viewing you don’t want to miss. Todd Philips directs this dark, brave and thought provoking story about how the Joker started as failed stand up comedian Arthur Fleck.Joaquin Phoenix delivers a brilliant and powerful performance as the titular character as you watch his decline through society to the villain we are all familiar with. This is not a romantic, family friendly romp but a deep story that pulls you in and thanks to convincing physical and emotional acting by the lead leaves you with mixed feelings and thoughts on society as a whole. This is surely set to see Joaquin Phoenix bag an Oscar which is unheard of for the comic book movie genre and see this version of the Joker regarded as one of the best and most memorable to date.

Review by Kat Greenaway