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Fantasy Island (15)

By March 10, 2020Film Club

Release Date: 6th March 2020

4/5 Stars

I was looking forward to the revamp of this 1970s classic which I watched obsessively as a kid, but this version was more of a horror chiller which put an interesting turn on things.  It begins with five people who arrive at a resort (Fantasy Island) after winning a contest for a weekend getaway and there, they meet the mysterious Mr.Roarke (Michael Peña), who coordinates the fantasies for all of the guests.

Roarke tells the group that they must see their individual fantasy through to its natural conclusion, but when they all don’t go as envisioned, everyone looks to figure out the island’s secrets and find a means of escape. To be honest it was ok but the twist was not very convincing and everything came together at the end in an over the top fashion but still I enjoyed it and if you go without too much expectation you’ll enjoy the film! Because I loved the original series so much I have to give it 4 Stars!

 Review by B. Pictone