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Emma (U)

By February 25, 2020Film Club

Release Date 14th February

5/5 Stars

If you are a Jane Austen fan then this film is a MUST SEE!!! A faithful adaptation with a contemporary twist. A fantastic cast who depicted every character true to the book with great acting across the board. Anya Taylor-Joy (Emma) is cast perfectly as a shallow, vain young woman who mistakenly believes she has a gift for matchmaking but causes nothing but misery. Miranda Hart (Miss Bates)and Bill Nighy (Emma’s Father) were superb and responsible for most of the laugh out loud moments throughout the film. Of which there were many. Move over Mr Darcy there is a better hero in town.. Mr Knightley!!! We couldn’t take our eyes off of Johnny Flynn’s Knightley who is our new “Austen object of desire”. The sexual chemistry sizzles between the two lead roles throughout the ball room scene. An also brilliant performance from Mia Goth who plays Harriet Smith.  A Very amusing and touching portrayal of Emma’s best friend who is totally enthralled by her prettier, cleverer, richer friend but dreaming of a true love of her own. The locations are stunning, as are the costumes. The music held the movie together and really suited the quirky sly humour that made you genuinely laugh throughout the film. Altogether a real triumph of a film and we can’t wait to see it again.

Review by Cindy Cash