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By December 5, 2017Film Club

Release Date: Friday 17th November

The film didn’t disappoint. Mark wahlberg and will Ferrell return in Daddy’s home 2, this time with there dads coming to visit.

All the families set off to stay in a beautiful log cabin for Christmas and disaster strikes with Brad messing up the Christmas lights, absolutely hysterical as it all goes wrong and he damages everything in sight.

It shows how blended families come together for Christmas for the children so everyone is happy.

It carries on from the first film but this time with Dusty and Brad being Co dads to the children and getting along brilliantly despite Dusty father continuously mocking him for it. It is very alike to bad moms 2 but for an audience of children with a 12A rating.

Such a funny film yet again with Brad trying to impress and messing things up. His relationship with his father is very funny and certainly a lot different to Dustys relationships with his father which towards the end slightly changes.

It was such a lovely film to watch to get you in the Christmas spirit, very festive and very very funny.

I’m hoping there’s a daddy’s home 3 to follow.


Festival Film Club Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewed by Claire