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Bombshell (15)

By January 28, 2020Film Club

Release Date: 17th January

5/5 stars

Bombshell is an emotional and empowering movie, in the wake of the #metoo movement. It showed the struggles women face in politics / working industry and how some women are forced into selling their looks/self worth to get their dream job or keep the peace. The film shows how women work together to stand up for themselves, their rights, their bodies and what they believe in. The story is messy and gritty but the message is strong and clear. I really enjoyed this movie because it also showed how it didn’t have to be touching or sex to be sexual harassment. A sentence spoken “give me a twirl” is verbal sexual harrassment and more people need to be aware of this. At one point one of the women’s thoughts are loud enough to hear and to get out of a “sticky” situation she tells herself “blame yourself, and try to apologise if you have mislead the man in anyway.” Women don’t have to second guess everything they do, wear or say. Men shouldn’t feel they have the right to just assume or take and I think it’s amazing how this film gets that point out there. The actors and actresses portrayed the story extremely well and I hope young people out there can take away some morals and self love after watching this.
Overall an excellent movie. Politics is a messy game and its even messier with strong women involved.

Review by Rachael Maloney.