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A Dogs Way Home

By January 29, 2019Film Club

Release date: 25th January 2019

This film is not your average sickly sweet family film – it contains some mildly upsetting scenes, as well as addressing some topical issues, which may raise questions from young viewers. 

Separated from her owner, Bella the dog, sets off on an 400-mile journey to get back to the safety and security of the place she calls home.

Along the rollercoaster ride of a way, and it is a very long way, she meets a series of new and different friends and manages to bring a little bit of comfort and joy to their lives.

The film gets a little unbelievable at times but still manages to deliver a tear jerking ending, especially if you are a dog person!

Definitely one for older kids and adults. 

Rated:n 3.5/5 stars

Reviewed by: Melanie Whitfield