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By February 15, 2023Events

Are you a local business?

.. and would like to sell your handmade goods or services at our Artisan Market or Wellbeing Fair? πŸ›πŸ€©

πŸ› Artisan Market
⏰ 11am-4pm
πŸ“† Dates: Sunday 2nd April, Sunday 7th May, Sunday 4th June, Sunday 2nd July, Sunday 6th August, Sunday 3rd September, Sunday 1st October, Sunday 5th November and Sunday 3rd December

πŸ› Wellbeing Fair
⏰ 6pm-10pm
πŸ“† Dates:Β  Friday 3rd March, Friday 31st March, Friday 5th May, Friday 2nd June ,Friday 7th July, Friday 4th August, Friday 1st September, Friday 6th October, Friday 3rd November and Friday 1st December

If you are interested drop an email to [email protected] πŸ“©