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By November 24, 2017Events

Baskin Robbins is now open at Cineworld. Try their delicious ice creams, milkshakes and hot treats.

For 70 years Baskin Robbins have been delighting customers with their irresistible treats and are now the largest chain of ice cream shops in the world.

Brothers-in-law Burt & Irv strongly believed people should have a choice so they offered 31 flavours – one for every day of the month. They also believed that people should be able to try a flavour without cost – a belief that lead to the iconic pink tasting spoons. Their ideals live on and we have a flavour library of over 1,000 ice cream recipes.

At Cineworld you can sample a selection of their great flavours as scoops, Sundaes or even one of their famous milkshakes. We also have a great range of their Hot Treats where warm desserts meet the cold of ice cream – pure bliss.


Flavour of the month just £1.95

No matter what your favourite ice cream flavour is, Baskin Robbins will always offer you a new taste sensation with their ever changing flavour of the month at an everyday value price of £1.95.