Festival Leisure Park Community Awards

Festival Leisure Park are celebrating our 20th Birthday this year and we launched our Community Awards to celebrate.

Thank you to all our shortlisted nominees and congratulations to all our winners!


Read about the nominees here: Festival Leisure Park Community Awards

Volunteer of the Year

1st                  Sky Butcher

2nd                 Adam Sparrow

3rd                  Tracy Godden

4th                  Olivia Tambini

5th                  Richard Leahy


Fundraiser of the year

1st                  Angela Sparke

2nd                 Louise/ Paul Stratton

3rd                  Gill Burgess

4th                  Claire Gregory

5th                  Matthew Horton


Young Fundraiser of the year

1st                  Rylee Doe

2nd                 Hannah Luke

3rd                  Deborah Mensah

4th                  Alex Ribera-Edwards


Emergency services award

1st                  Elaine Spurr

2nd                 Gema Sedgwick

3rd                  Amanda French

4th                  Sandra McSweeney


Inspiring Young Person award

1st                  Daniel Chesterman

2nd                 Danny Crouch

3rd                  Charlotte Hayes

4th                  Pyper Clarke


Best Teacher Award

1st                  Miss Graham

2nd                 Mr Wade

3rd                  Mrs Greenhill

4th                  Mrs Tilley

5th                  Mrs Wenden


Activities Leader achievement award

1st                  Debbie McGahan

2nd                 Vicky Munday

3rd                  Karen Epsley

4th                  Tracy

5th                  Victoria Busby


Employee of the year

1st                  Becky – 360

2nd                 Kayleigh – Harvester

3rd                  Robert – Cineworld

4th                  Henry – Hollywood

5th                  Peter – Starbucks


Customer Care award

1st                  Cineworld

2nd                 Hollywood Bowl

3rd                  Security

4th                  Aroma

5th                  Bella Italia


Business of the year

1st                  Hollywood Bowl

2nd                 Cineworld

3rd                  360 Play

4th                  Nando’s

5th                  Sprinkles

Any further questions please feel free to contact [email protected]