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January 2024


By Film Club

🎞️ Release Date: 17 January 2024

⭐ Rating 7/10

🎬 Seats (S18) 10/10 (dead centre back row and comfy as!)

🍿 Popcorn with M&M Toppings (5/10) sweet popcorn was great. M&Ms were great, but think they’d be a better topping on salted.

20 years after the original Mean Girls, what better way to celebrate than with a remake but with music! An easy watch with a modern-day twist whilst still incorporating all of the must-haves from the original. Gretchin is still trying to make Fetch happen but there was a lacking in the Queen B herself Regina George. Characters felt overplayed that made the 2004 hit however I would still rate this as a MUST SEE to make your own opinion. To me, it’s more of a film adaption of the stage show than a remake of the original which means you find a new kind of love for Mean Girls and the characters in it. Great to see some familiar faces in the cast still and new energy from characters like Janis Ian.

Reviewed by Lloyd Sceats ✏️


2024 πŸŽ¬πŸŽžοΈπŸ“½οΈ

By Film Club

We are back with our Film Club Experience for 2024!

We are pleased to be working with a hand-picked selection of people to review the latest film releases at Cinewrodl, and then we will share it with you. They also give us a rating out of 10! Keep an eye out for out first film review of the year… Mean Girls!