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February 2020

Emma (U)

By Film Club

Release Date 14th February

5/5 Stars

If you are a Jane Austen fan then this film is a MUST SEE!!! A faithful adaptation with a contemporary twist. A fantastic cast who depicted every character true to the book with great acting across the board. Anya Taylor-Joy (Emma) is cast perfectly as a shallow, vain young woman who mistakenly believes she has a gift for matchmaking but causes nothing but misery. Read More


By Offers

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Sonic The Hedgehog (PG)

By Film Club

Release date: 14th February

5 /5 stars

After twenty-nine years of waiting, Sonic the hedgehog has finally made his way onto the silver screen in his debut movie, aptly titled ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’.

I am pleased to announce this was far from a wasted trip to the cinema, with a little something for all ages to enjoy.

Read More