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December 2019

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (12A)

By Film Club

Release Date : 19th December 2019

4.5/5 Stars

The rise of sky walker and the return to a best for the last piece of the saga. This film is a fantastic fan service and fitting end to the skywalker series of films.

From epic battles, moments of sheer force inducing goosebumps and comedy gold from C3PO. The opening 20 minutes of this chapter was a “don’t worry guys we got you” from director J.J Abrahams. Returning the magic of star wars to the forefront of nostalgic memory.

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Jumanji The Next Level (12A)

By Film Club

Release Date : 13th December 2019

4.5/5 Stars

The gang from the first film make an unexpected return to Jumanji after making their way in the real world post the last film. So, as you expect with the return to Jumanji the gang have a serious of quests to complete and of course a new bad guy threatens the way of life in Jumanji. However, the group return back to the same avatars lead by Dr Bravestone (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) but all mixed up in different bodies and new abilities and weaknesses, with surprise introduction Danny De Vito (Spencer’s Grandad) taking the lead Avatar’s role. Read More