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By March 14, 2018Film Club

Release Date: 2nd March

Made for Comedy/action fans, Game Night sees Annie (Rachel McAdams) and Max (Jason Bateman) meet at a trivia quiz and fall for each other based on their love of competition.

The high-speed plot follows the couple and their regular game night friends as Brooks (Kyle Chandler) decides to host a murder mystery party. The film then follows these ordinary people being launched head-first into extraordinary events.

Bateman and McAdams are a perfectly paired comedy duo who cause plenty of laughter with their relatable characteristics and amateur reactions as they attempt to mastermind their way through high crime trouble.

By the end, you get the sense that the producers Daley and Goldstein are trying to shape this up to be another franchise in the vein of Horrible Bosses. Except, this time around, the premise actually has some legs and could go to some even wilder places.

Like most game nights, this movie will have you in stitches over someone doing something hilariously ridiculous so don’t be surprised if you finish watching it with a sudden urge to host one.

Reviewed by Isobel Ward

Rating: 4/5 stars